Saturday, December 1, 2007

Timber! or, How We Do the Christmas Shake.

A CompTron/Delora family tradition: cutting down a big Christmas tree at the Rosedale Christmas tree farm in Bakersfield.

Here you can see PapaTron, accompanied by little Mush and RyDog, felling our tree in 1992.

Note how shiny and new MazdaTron once was. Also note lanky blond Wendy, second from the right.

Uh, the Rosedale Christmas Tree Farm got axed, so to speak, 5 or 8 years ago. It's gone. We haven't cut down a Christmas tree in a long time. Until 2 hours ago.

Christmas Conifers, Moreno Valley:
a CompTron Sister Adventure.

Miraculously, Mush and I were able to select and saw down a suitable fir-or-pine-or-something-deciduous-and-christmasy, get it up to her apartment and into a stand. We're about to put lights on it. I love December! I love Mush! I love that my hands are covered in sap.

(this is how you do the Christmas Shake)