Sunday, July 31, 2011

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


From Kampala, took an overnight bus up to (the country formerly known as) Sudan. Birth of a new nation, all that. It was awesome. And hot.

Best dressed kid I saw:

SPLA everywhere. Saw not just one, but several asleep on sidewalks with a stash of RPGs next to them. I love weapon safety practices.

You know it's hot when the Sudanese are passing out. Still, the number of times the emcee was able to get the crowd to pump their fists and wave their flags with a rousing cheer of "South Sudan Woye!" was impressive. I am led to believe that "woye" means "hooray." They woye-ed everything.

A goat market in Juba. Most of the goats were bought up for celebratory slaughter purposes. Goat slaughter (or, goats laughter) woye!

grocery shopping in Kampala

Unfortunately, I couldn't find any brains or hooves.