Wednesday, December 24, 2008

december pleasantries

These are some things I celebrate this time o' year, aside from the One Overarching Really Important Thing That Christmas Is All About:

Christmases past:

(including a post-white elephant gift exchange Darren's Dance Grooves session a couple years back)

The happiest place on earth:
(finding your names - Tron!, Wendy! - at the top of Santa's list, held by the noblest creature of all, the goat)
(teacups running over)

Grand And Glorious Gatherings:
(with Richard Simmons)
(Sunday Breast: Winter Edition)
(Santa Monica Silvers winning 56-35. 1 TFL for me! amazing!)(Jasminehood)

Christmas music:

(the kind that puts everyone to sleep at 03:00)

And KataTronic Christmas Monsters, of course (with Kristen's invaluable aid):

Christmas eve activities:
As I write, Dino and Mush are combing through the question cards of the Worst Case Scenario Survival Board Game. I have learned the following:

- how to treat someone struck by lightning
- to "smack a crocodile on its snout, and stab a shark in the eye. don't confuse the two," says PapaTron
- how to eat polar bear meat: AVOID THE LIVER! it contains a lethal dose of vitamin A.
- how to eat a frog: FALSE!
- how to breathe during a freefall while parachuting: actually, you do not need to breathe at all through your mouth or nose. you will breathe through your skin. (?!?!)

We also performed extensive psychological evaluations that resulted in effective Hogwarts house sorting for the folks here. Check out this test, or this one for a much shorter sorting experience.

Dad and Julie - both resounding Huffleclaws.
Mush - Gryffindor, with a strong Slytherin streak.
Dino - Gryffindor with strong Hufflepuff AND Ravenclaw tendencies. Further testing necessary.
Wendy - a Ravenpuff (see me personally for further very strong opinions about all this sorting business).

Essentially: general happiness abounds.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

rules to live by

it's ALWAYS means it is.
it's ONLY means it is.

It's true that I have devoted my life to goats.
[It is] true that I have devoted my life to goats.

its is ALWAYS possessive.

Did you see that mountain goat? Its beard was so majestic.
Did you see that mountain goat? [The mountain goat's] beard was so majestic.