Saturday, October 20, 2007


Fliegenschlammdrachen ueberalles!

Which is to say, last weekend was awesome. Headed up to Bakersfield with about 20 other people and did the annual VOLKSLAUF, a 10k mud run with some pretty rad obstacles.
what you don't see: jeff coming back to help me across, with me piggy backing.

what you don't see: some PG-13 tank-top squeezing-out that followed.
What you don't see: Kat and Wendy falling off the ropes halfway across. Bleh.What you don't see: Wendy spitting out waste water from the tunnel just moments before.Welp, that's pretty much what that looks like.I love mud. I really do.

For the full picture album (papatron, thank you):
fliegenschlammdrachen!! und anderen mud runners

Other Oktober weekend adventures:
Riding my bike 100 miles in Death Valley beneath a full moon.

Rooftop photography sessions with Fizz.
Hiking with Sniar and Sparkle.

Oh yeah. and school.

Still eating cupcakes with Sara most Fridays. Sara, this is a public commitment from me to you for picture uploadeding really soon. Also, public, this is an official and strongly-worded announcement that Sara is performing an AWESOME piece of voodoo- and marriage-inspired solo choreography with SYNAPSE next weekend at SMC. Ask me about it, because you should go, no question.

Friday, October 19, 2007

file this under 'etc.'

I saw these women walking together outside of church one saturday afternoon and thought, 'oh, that's sweet. they all look the same.'
i then looked down and realized that christiane and i were, quite coincidentally, wearing strikingly similar ensembles. note the odd color selection AND the use of head scarves. we laughed, then insisted that the moment be photographed.

on another random note, how many of you knew that President #26 - the one whose surname is 'Taft' - was the heaviest president ever? He weighed in around 322 lbs and got stuck in his bathtub on his inauguration day. Several assistants had to be called in to unstick him. This resulted in him getting a new, gigantic bathtub (7ft long, 4ft wide), one big enough to comfortably fit 4 reasonably sized adult male humanoids. cool, eh?